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Get Involved - Donate for Vert Reconstruction Project at Burnsville Center

Get Involved - Donate for Vert Reconstruction Project at Burnsville Center

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Vert donation


In the mid to late 70’s the “ramp” started gaining popularity as it gave skateboarders that did not have access to an empty backyard pool a chance to learn some of the same techniques as their fellow skaters out in California. 

As vertical skateboarding started to develop in the 80’s more and more vert ramps began to pop up. Vert skateboarding was alive and well and progression was coming fast. Skaters were going higher and getting more technical in their trick selection and vert skateboarding was even spreading to the midwest. In Minnesota backyard ramps were built and Private Indoor Skate Spot (p.i.s.s. North Mpls warehouse that had a small vert ramp and spine)  were training grounds for Minnesota pioneers of the sport. 

When Twin Cities Skate Oasis opened to quench the thirst of a thriving skateboard scene at the time, vertical skating reached new heights and local riders started to get recognized and go on to pick up sponsors. 

With the boom of 90’s street skating, the vert scene started to quiet down globally and attention started to shift. Small wheels, big pants and Jackass antics. Little did we know that the old head vert skaters were quietly practicing their craft (if they could find a ramp to train on) and combining street style tricks into vert skating. In 99 when the first 900 was landed and vert was making its rounds in Xgames vertical skating experienced a slight resurgence. 

In 2000 the Hopkins overpass skatepark opened up and was one of the largest skateparks in the state. In 2010 a vert ramp was added to the park and Hopkins became the new home of vert skating in Minnesota. 

Fast forward 2020-21 skateboarding is recognized as an Olympic sport, Tony Hawk launches Vert Alert, Exposure vert contest is in full swing, Banger in the Hanger at the Houston Vert ramp is going strong, and once again vert is back in the spotlight. 

When 2023 came along this would become the final season for the Overpass skatepark. The obstacles had to be removed and the vert ramp had to be taken down. 

SkaterApolis Skatepark and Skate Shop opened in the fall of 2022 in the Burnsville Center. 

SkaterApolis staff has been working tirelessly behind the scenes with Burnsville Center Mall and the City of Burnsville’s planning department to keep vert skating alive in Minnesota. At the City planning meeting on May 13th City Counsel was in support of the relocation of the vert ramp and will move forward for final vote on June 4th. The ramp will be located outside just walking distance from the Skaterapolis front desk. Riders will check in at the front desk for a session like normal and get a wristband that will give them access to the vert ramp. 

The ramp surface and the side templates are in good condition however the internal skeleton of the ramp and the plywood needs to be replaced as it has faced some harsh conditions over the course of its life in Hopkins. We are calling on the action sports community as a whole to help bring this ramp back to life by generously donating whatever you can to help us secure the lumber to get the ramp erected as quickly as possible. We are also required to secure the ramp with fencing. Summers in Minnesota go quickly so we are trying to have the ramp built by mid June and will stay open until snowfall. 

Thanks in advance for your help and support of the midwest actions sports community! We look forward to seeing you on the ramp!  

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